Love Compatibility

Finding the right partner is life changing, but not easy. Astrology can you help avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong person.

Mah Jong Cards

Do you have a question burning deep inside? The answer may be in the cards. Mah Jong is the Asian form of Tarot and is the preferred Reading of Bill Hajdu, The Firepig.

Year of the Tiger, 2022

Find your fortune in the Year of the Tiger. This free digital report will help you plan month by month. And, if you want a personalized explanation from our Master Astrologer Bill Hajdu, a video clip is only $8.88.

Daily Horoscope

Your bio-rhythm changes each day. Understanding this will help you stay ahead of the pack. You will make great decisions that in turn will improve your luck.

Chinese Zodiac Personality

Your personality is far more complex than just your sign. In fact, you are made up of four signs that represent the year, month, day and hour of your birth. In ancient Chinese Astrology this is called the Four Pillars.

Bill Hajdu

Chinese Astrologer
Mah Jong, Four Pillars, Chinese Astrology Compatibility

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Get  personalized
an Astrologer

5-minute Video

Looking for a little more explanation? Not only will the Astrologer answer your question, they will also provide you additional context and information about the methodology they used.

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